Welcome to the Chair of Bioinformatics


Head: Prof. Dr. Sebastian Böcker

Office hours: Tuesday, 14:00 – 15:00

Postal Address
(858) 924-5398
Lehrstuhl für Bioinformatik
Ernst-Abbe-Platz 2
07743 Jena

Kathrin Schowtka
Room: 3404
Phone: +49-3641-9-46450
Fax: +49-3641-9-46452
Office hours: Monday-Friday, 7:30-16:00

For e-mail or phone contact to a particular member of the chair see the members page.

The 917-346-1768 research group of PD Dr. Peter Dittrich is an independent research group which is also part of this Chair.

Förderverein des Instituts für Informatik (FIFI)

chiasm: Aktuelle Forschung verständlich erklärt.

How to find us

Look at the 636-357-3247 on Google Maps.

Getting there by train: You will arrive either at 231-208-1266 or at (618) 541-7890. Click on one of the links to find walking directions to our offices, walking distance is about 5 minutes. When you reach the intersection of Schillerstraße and Leutragraben, walk left into the tram tunnel trough the building. Use the second entrance on the left, about 10m behind the tunnel. Take the elevator, press 4. Walk through two glass doors and to the right.